•    Precise identification of all spares requisitions, part numbers, specific executions, sourcing of best possible prices and availability
•    Providing a suitable alternative, wherever possible, on the occasion when required material is obsolete, out of production, with very long delivery time or too expensive
•    Providing of all available catalogues, drawings and technical information to help customers easily identify their needs
•    Storage and consolidation of multiple orders in our warehouse for dispatch to vessel as one shipment
•    Arrangement of most reliable, cheapest and fastest possible freight option for delivery to all possible destinations worldwide by  courier, airfreight, road transport and sea freight
•    Upon special request by Customers we can provide modeling, casting and machining of various details of bronze, brass and cast iron according to drawing or sample
•    Testing, setting, adjusting and repair of measuring units, various sensors and electrical items in an associated laboratory in Varna
•    Repair and reconditioning of spares and complete units whenever possible and on the occasions when same can reach our repair facilities