About Valimorsk Ltd.

Valimorsk Ltd was founded in 2002 in Varna, pooling the knowledge and experience of specialists formerly from Varna Shipyard and Navigation Maritime Bulgare. In the years to come the Company gained a good name as one of Bulgaria’s most successful suppliers of marine equipment and ship spare parts. Starting with main focus on equipment and spare parts originating from Eastern Europe, Valimorsk Ltd evolved into a reliable supplier of wide range of machinery and spare parts produced by manufacturers in Western Europe, Japan and South Korea.
As our main activity traditionally rests with export of spare parts to any possible destination worldwide, we have created highly efficient logistical system, involving partners specialized in air, road and sea transport, that enables us to provide an attractive addition to our service.
The Company disposes with its own warehouse helping us to keep significant stock of pump spare parts, boiler burners automation and fuel equipment, hydraulic elements, separator spare parts, electrical items and electronic components.
Valimorsk supplies original and high quality alternative spare parts, suitable replacements for many kinds of machinery and we can provide various technical information from our extensive database. The Company offers competitive prices and quick service to all customers.